What is heat power?

Heat power is renewable energy from pre-existing heat sources. We believe it can help save our planet. 

Everything you need to know about heat power

Here you'll find videos, news, podcasts and more to help keep you informed about this incredible yet still mostly untapped energy source.


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Part III: The time for action is now

This is the final part in a series about climate change – and how you have the >>
Renewable Energy, Sustainability

Part II: Solutions to stop climate change

If you have been reading the news, you might have heard that a new UN report came >>

Part I : Take action on Climate Change

The first part in a 3-part series about why we need to act now, what actions we >>
Renewable Energy, Sustainability

Time to add a sustainable baseload – Heat Power

Climate change – In the Paris agreement 2015, 17 Sustainability Development Goals were set. Close to all >>

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Australia’s heat waves are making the argument for renewable energy

The Heat Power Industry, Geothermal Heat Power, Industrial Heat Power, Renewable Energy

Energizing the future with heat power

Original article to be found here Despite the increased clamour for renewable energy sources as the world >>
The Heat Power Industry, Geothermal Heat Power, Industrial Heat Power

Climeon’s Founder Thomas Öström Named Swedish Person of the Year

Original article : https://www.renewableenergymagazine.com/geothermal/climeon-s-founder-thomas-strom-named-swedish-20190131 Swedish magazine Fokus has named Climeon’s founder and CEO Thomas Öström Swedish Person of the Year in the >>
Renewable Energy, Sustainability

Clean power is cheaper, say utility companies

“Committing to a 100% carbon-free goal, even before we quite know how to reach it, is good >>