Why This Website?

Not many people know about heat power. It is the sleeping giant of renewable energy. Policymakers have focused on better-known technologies like solar and wind. Because of this, heat power is often not on the agenda, and therefore not easily fundable.

Part of the problem is that there are too many other names for it – ORC, thermal, geothermal, cogeneration, heat recovery, etc. Heatpower.com was started thanks to the support of initial funding from clean tech company Climeon. The mission is to raise awareness about heat power, and make sure it is considered alongside other renewable energies. If you have a vested interest in promoting heat power and would like to also be a sponsor, please reach out!

We hope this site will be a go-to source for information on heat power. Our goal is to keep it packed with the latest heat power news, films and more. On our  podcast, The Energy Forecast, we will introduce you to the people who are making heat power a reality. We also have a calendar and newsletter, so you don’t miss out on heat power events or updates.

If you or your business, agency or government want to know more, please contact us. We also do workshops and presentations for heat power providers, suppliers and other stakeholders in order to help our category gain ground through collaboration and mutual understanding.

Cecilia Edling

Founder of heatpower.com