Reflections from "The Climate Reality Leadership Corps" in Los Angeles.

Aug. 27th– 29th 2018’s founder Cecilia Edling attended “The Climate Reality Leadership Corps” in Los Angeles - this is her reflections from that experience.

Heat power – more relevant than ever.

After former U.S. Vice President Al Gore concluded his 2-hour, 300-page presentation, all 2,000 of us gave him a standing ovation. He showed real cases, along with facts and figures – proof of climate change. It was an intense and impressive whirlwind of information and inspiration. But I did notice one small detail that was missing when he talked about the solutions: heat power.


I’ve just returned from a three-day training at former U.S. Vice President Al Gore’s Climate Reality Project. It was a great experience and can’t wait to tell everyone who wants to listen about it.



Since 2006 Gore has been training people through the Climate Reality Project, "Climate reality Leadership Corps", to be engaged citizens and environmental advocates. One day of the training was dedicated to learning how to tell our own stories.





Did you know that 55% of communication is body language? I often talk about having a “power pose”, and now I have proof that how we carry ourselves is in fact more important than the words we use!

As if to illustrate the power of a good story combined with physique, Gore invited a team of firefighters on stage, and they talked about how they feel climate change in their lives every day. This hit home with me because of all the fires in Sweden this summer.




So, what, you might ask, is my story?

Ken Berlin, CEO of the Climate Reality Project said, “You can hide from it. You can rationalize it. But Mother Nature is relentless in forcing us to see the truth of climate change.” This is true. We see it with our own eyes – the droughts, fires and flooding across the world. But he added that we have every reason to be optimist. Popular opinion is changing, and people want to maketheworld a better, healthier place to live.

According to a recent post on the Climate Reality Project’s website, “Some studies estimate that 100 percent of the world’s energy needs could be met with renewable sources by mid-century, as long as the right, supportive public policies are put in place to help implement them.”

That’s where my story begins. As one speaker said, “Every person in the world will face changes but climate leaders embrace them.” I am ready to face the changes caused by global warming – in part because I believe in the potential of heat power. I am certain that with the right policies and laws in place, heat power can become the new sustainable baseload and supplement other renewables like solar and wind. It is the missing link.



I’ll end with a quote from poet Amanda Gorman, who kicked off the first day of the training with a beautiful poem. The first Youth Poet Laureate in America, her poem In This Place:

“…hope is like a stubborn

ship gripping a dock,

a truth: that you can’t stop a dreamer

or knock down a dream.” 


Climate Reality Project – The Climate Reality Leadership Corps

Aug. 27th– 29th 2018’s founder Cecilia Edling attended “The Climate Reality Leadership Corps” in Los Angeles.

The Climate Reality Leadership Corps is a global network of activists committed to spreading awareness of the climate crisis and working for solutions to the greatest challenge of our time.

In 2006, the film “An Inconvenient Truth” was released in theatres all over the world. It was Nobel Laureate and former US Vice President Al Gore who was behind it and he got the world talking about climate change through that movie.

Later that year, he founded what would become The Climate Reality Project to move the conversation forward and turn awareness into action all across the Earth.

Today, as Climate Reality, they are a diverse group of passionate individuals who’ve come together to solve the greatest challenge of our time. They are activists, cultural leaders, organizers, scientists, and storytellers committed to building a sustainable future together.

Up until today more than 17 000 people from 150 countries have taken part in the Climate Reality Leadership Corps. It has resulted in more than 16 000 policy meetings and almost 30 000 presentations to affect more people to participate and take action for the Climate

Learnings and facts from the training will be shared on We are honored, humble and proud to have gotten this opportunity.

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