If you are a businessperson, landowner, or power company…


Become a heat power operator.
Almost anyone can generate power today and sell it back to the grid. To become a heat power operator, all you need is a heat source. That might be land with a viable geothermal heat source, or a factory or ship that generates waste heat. The experts at Baseload Capital can review your case, provide investment advice, and potentially invest in your heat power plant.


Contact your local politicians.
Two degrees of global warming will impact everyone on the planet – not just for one country or one group of people. It is the most important issue of our time. So take a moment and tell your local politicians to prioritize it. We must stop subsidizing fossil fuels and start investing in renewable energy from wind, solar and heat power. (The Union of Concerned Scientists has some tips for people in the U.S.)


Invest in wind, solar and heat power.
Talk talks but money walks. Contact your bank or broker, or look into companies on your own. There are a number of cleantech companies listed on stock exchanges across the globe, as well as opportunities to diversify your risk with clean energy ETFs. Here are some tips from The Balance.