09 September 2018    

Cecilia Edling to speak on renewable energy panel at Oxford Analytica event

Oxford Analytica will host its 2018 Global Horizons conference on September 19th-21st at Christ Church, Oxford. Experts, policymakers and CEOs will converge to discuss 20 of the most important issues facing them today, such as cybersecurity, AI, Trumpism and China’s big plans.

We’re proud to announce that Oxford Analytica asked Heatpower.com’s founder Cecilia Edling to join the panel discussion on renewable energy. The panel, entitled, “Global Energy: Truncated transition?” will also include hydropower engineer Jonathan Mark Bested, wind energy expert Giles Dickson, and independent energy consultant Chris Le Fevre. In addition to addressing the financial, technological, political and regulatory challenges in the transition away from fossil fuels, Cecilia will discuss the key role that heat power has to play as the only renewable energy capable of providing a base load.

Oxford Analyica is a global analysis and advisory firm drawing on a macro expert network to advise clients on strategy and performance in complex markets. Attendees at Oxford Analytica events take part in  cutting-edge global macro analysis alongside world-class experts, senior executives and policy-makers. View the full program.

Check back here for follow-up information after the event. Or stay with us a while and watch Cecilia’s presentation earlier this year at Iceland’s Geothermal Conference.

Can’t attend but want to know more about heat power? We have some answers here.

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