20 October 2018    

“Energy Transition – Profitable & Sustainable”

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One could argue that there is no need for yet another book on the dangers of climate change and the urgency of deploying renewable energy. The science of climate change is very clear. We have all the technologies needed to convert to a sustainable energy system.

So why this book?

Firstly, there are very influential persons and institutions who actively spread doubts about climate change. We have the fundamental belief that scientific arguments should carry weight. If 10 doctors tell you, referring to reviewed science, that smoking is very likely to cause lung cancer, you have a pretty good reason to listen. The fact that your uncle smoked two packs a day and died at age 95 in a car accident, is not a valid counter-argument. Likewise, if the scientific community consisting of thousands of scientists from different disciplines tells you that global warming is a fact and dangerous, you should listen and act. If it rains on the next summer day, it is not a proof that the science is wrong, or that the next ice age could be around the door

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