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At Ormat Technologies (Ormat) they have a clear vision to become a leading global provider of renewable energy, while building a geographically balanced portfolio of heat power energy  and storage assets.

Ormat is in the Heat Power business, both Industrial heat recovery and Geothermal Heat power. In recent years Ormat, founded by Yehuda (Lucien) Bronicki, has expanded from its core heat power business into energy storage.They design, build and supply power generating equipment for customers within geothermal and recovered energy power plants in 30 countries.

The story

Ormat was established in 1965 by the Bronicki family, who shared a bold vision to export breakthrough technology in the renewable energy sector.

At that time, Ormat was primarily known as a pioneer of proprietary turbine designs, capable of generating electricity from low enthalpy energy resources. In its early years, Ormat focused exclusively on manufacturing power generation equipment.

The first Ormat Energy Converter (OEC), based on the Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) technology, heated by the power of the sun, coupled to a water pump, was installed in Mali, West Africa in 1965.

In the 1980s and throughout the 1990s, Ormat focused its growing renewable energy expertise on the geothermal industry. They developed Wabuska, a 2 MW geothermal power plant in Nevada, USA; their very first geothermal facility.

In 2014, Ormat’s founders, the Bronickis, retired from their management positions, transferring the company’s helm to a new leadership. The new leadership defined a mission statement to become a leading renewable energy provider by enhancing the core geothermal heat power business and expanding to the growing market of energy management and storage.

Today, Ormat has developed, owned, operated and built for third parties, more than 2,500 MW of generating capacity – in more than 30 countries. Over 800 MW of geothermal and REG plants are owned and operated by Ormat.

Ormat is an “earth first” cooperation that always acts in a sustainable way.

Heat Power is a great complement to solar, wind and hydro. Solar and wind are intermittent – which heat power is not. Hydro is only accessible in certain parts of the world.

It is companies like Ormat that can make a true impact in reversing Climate change – reaching the sustainable development goals #cop21 . SDG #7 Ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all.

Ormat is part of the solution – Renewable energy from already existing heat, from earth and industry. Heat Power.

In Oct. 2018 heatpower.com had the privilege of meeting with Paul Thomsen, Vice President Business Development at Ormat. Getting a tour of Ormat’s Steamboat Power plant just outside Reno, Nevada and also having a chat at Ormat’s new office.

Paul Thomsen on the importance of keeping things simple and the need of a big R&D budget
Six (6) short films on the story of Ormat and the development of geothermal heat power

For more info on Ormat please visit www.ormat.com

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