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Heat Power provider Enogia – turns waste heat into 100% green electricity.

ENOGIA was founded in 2009 by Arthur Leroux, Antonin Pauchet and Nicolas Goubet. ENOGIA designs and produces heat power systems, based on the combination of the Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) with an exclusive and patented micro-turbine technology. The primary sources of heat may be solar CSP, biomass, geothermal sources, Waste Heat Recovery (WHR) on industrial processes or internal combustion engines.

With almost no maintenance, Enogias heat power systems recover the energy from any low temperature heat source to generate 100% green heat power.

“The company recorded one of the strongest growths in the clean-tech sector in France. Our workforce, rather young, has tripled in six years, and our turnover has increased six-fold since 2012 to 2.3 million euros in 2018, with a target of 5 million this year, mainly made for export”

Arthur Leroux, CEO of Enogia

Enogia is based in Marselille, France, where they also assemble their heat power units. Enogia’s products produce from 10 kWe to 180 kWe. All components in Enogias solutions are standard components except “the heart” of the heat power unit, the turbine, which does consist of standard components but is assembled in a unique way for every different application. All components are manufactured in Europe.

Today, they have 70 installations in 22 countries in sectors such as CSP, biogas units, biomass boilers, geothermal wells and industrial waste heat recovery.  Approximately 40 people are employed by Enogia.

”At Enogia, we believe that there is a third way for renewable energy production: heat to power conversion. Indeed, the traditional solar photovoltaic and wind power plants cannot be considered as dependable electricity production without costly and environmentally debatable energy storage systems. However, by turning renewable heat or waste heat streams into electricity, you can produce all year long, 24/7, a clean and stable power.”

– Enogia website

Enogia has received Multiple awards throughout the years for example

  • 2015 Cleantech of the year, by the hands of Emmanuel Macron,
  • Energy & Greentech Fastest Growing Company from the Deloitte Technology FAST50 2017
  • Energy Transition Trophy 2017
  • Pollutec 2018 Low Carbon Prize
  • ENGIE 2015 Innovation Days Prize
  • BioGaz d’Or 2015 Innovation Prize
  • Arts & Métiers 2014 Innovation Prize
  • Cleantech Republic 2013 Special Jury Award
  • Henri Fabre 2012 Prize for Science and Technology

Want to learn more about Heat power provider Enogia – go to their website and/or watch the interviews with Pierre Emmanuel Kiehl

Interview made in May 2019 with Account Manager Pierre Emmanuel Kiehl from Enogia

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