20 November 2018    

Ormat Technologies – Heat power provider

Ormat Technologies, Inc. are always on; delivering renewable power and energy solutions to their customers around the clock and around the world.
Clean, reliable energy solutions provided from geothermalrecovered energy, as well as energy management and storage solutions, is their expertise, commitment and focus.

Built on ingenuity and proven experience, Ormat is recognized globally for developing state-of-the-art, environmentally sound power solutions.

They design, build and supply power generating equipment for their customers’ geothermal and recovered energy power plants in 30 countries. Their aim is to understand their customers’ operating challenges, because they are operators too. As a geothermal industry leader, they’ve gained global expertise in exploring, developing, designing, manufacturing, building, owning and operating geothermal power plants in Kenya, Guadalupe, Guatemala, Honduras and the United States.

Their vertically integrated structure enables them to leverage their renewable energy expertise, their core capabilities, and their global experience to supply and develop geothermal, recovered energy, and energy management and storage solutions.

In Oct. 2018 heatpower.com had the privilege of meeting with Paul Thomsen, Vice President Business Development at Ormat. Getting a tour of Ormat’s Steamboat Power plant just outside Reno, Nevada and also having a chat at Ormat’s new office.

Paul Thomsen on the importance of keeping things simple and the need of a big R&D budget
Six (6) short films on the story of Ormat and the development of geothermal heat power

For more info on Ormat please visit www.ormat.com

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