14 December 2018    

Turboden completed the commissioning of the 17.5 MWe Velika Ciglena Geothermal Plant

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In December 2018 Turboden started-up the largest ORC system in Europe of 17.5 MWe in the Velika Ciglena geothermal heat power plant, Croatia, for the Turkish customer Geoen – MB Holding.

The Velika Ciglena project exploits steam and hot water at 170°C to produce electricity to feed the local power grid.

Mr. Paolo Bertuzzi, Turboden CEO, states: “First of all, I want to thank all Turboden employees who took part of this new success and also Geoen – MB Holding team for the close cooperation during the development phases of this project. The strong commitment of Turboden in realizing dependable and efficient geothermal solutions has been confirmed by the implementation of the nominal test in a short time.”

The region of Velika Ciglena is situated in Bjelovar subdepression, the north east of Croatia.

The reservoir was discovered in 1990 by INA-Naftaplin, during an underground exploration for oil. The oil was never found, instead, a promising potential for geothermal energy was discovered.

Velika Ciglena project, with the 17.5 MW ORC turbine, in 2016 received the Best Innovation Award for its innovative design by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (5 stage, low rpm, and proprietary design). It proves the technological reference of Turboden as main producer of large binary ORC plants. The installed capacity is expected to growth due to a further similar projects.

To date, Turboden fleet counts more than 370 ORC plants worldwide with a total capacity of 604 MWe.

Fourteen plants exploit a geothermal source to produce electric power reaching 110 MWe globally. These data confirm Turboden success with field-proven performances and reliability.

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