What is heat power?

Heat power is electricity generated from already existing sources of heat.

Heat Power consists of two sources of energy,  
Industrial Heat Power – Waste heat recovery and
Geothermal Heat Power – Heat from earth

Today more than 50% of the global energy consumption is wasted as heat. Industries such as steel, aluminum and shipping generate large amounts of wasted heat. By drilling in the ground anywhere in the world unlimited geothermal heat can be found and recovered.
Producing clean electricity 24/7 independent of weather conditions provides a renewable energy base-load and a complement to other renewable energy resources such as wind and solar.

What is Heatpower.com?

Heatpower.com is your go to place for news about the sustainable energy source Heat Power. Here you will find the latest news in the category, the podcast "The energy forecast", films, articles, interviews and much more! 

Heatpower.com is an initiative who's first funder is heat power provider Climeon. In the future we look forward to having more funding from other heat power providers. The mission is to put the Heat power category in the spot light together with Solar and Wind power, and hopefully even  somemore sustainable energy sources.

Heatpower.com does communication,  marketing and educational content through the website and Account Based Marketing (IP- targeting, Social Channels and events) 

We also do work shops and presentations for heat power providers, suppliers and other stakeholders in order to, through collaboration and mutual understanding, help our category to gain ground, contribute to SDG7 and together  make a difference in the world.

You are also welcome contribute to heatpower.com with content and/or funding.

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